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Collection 2011
Co-branding Bernard Loiseau - Gabriel Bourdier

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Collection 2011
Co-branding Bernard Loiseau - Gabriel Bourdier

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Liqueurs and crème liqueurs:
B.loiseau - Gabriel Boudier

The Bernard Loiseau brand has entered into partnership with the major supplier of crème liqueurs and liqueurs in Burgundy, to provide a range of absolutely unique and original selections.

The Bernard Loiseau Group’s tasting committee, comprising chef Patrick Bertron and sommelier Eric Goettelmann, has collaborated closely with the experts from the Gabriel Boudier Company, to ensure that each new liqueur offers optimal balance and a good length of flavour.

These crème liqueurs and liqueurs produced from natural fruit and plant extracts are served in restaurants, bars and hotels. They are not available only, as one might expect, in France but are also exported worldwide.

They are drunk on their own, but can also serve as the basis for new cocktails, for excellent aperitifs with white wine or Champagne, for example, or even as flavouring for sauces for certain desserts. 

Latest new products

3 liqueurs and 5 crème liqueurs are currently available in the Bernard Loiseau boutique, the group’s restaurants, top quality delicatessens and chosen wine merchants:

- Apple & Earl Grey Tea Liqueur: pale straw colour, with delicate green reflections. On the nose, the lively aroma of apple gradually gives way to the intensity of the tea. In the mouth, this liqueur is both fresh and persistent.
- Pear & Bay Leaf Liqueur: Gold with lively yellow notes. On the nose, rich in pears with the power of the bay leaf. In the mouth, these flavours burst on the palate.
- Blackcurrant & Gingerbread Liqueur: purple colour with violet tints. On the nose, orange and cionnamon subtly distinguished. In the mouth, opulent and deliciously warming.
- Strawberry & Tasmanian Pepper Liqueur: orange colour with copper tints. On the nose, crushed strawberry with peppery notes. In the mouth, the fruit yields to a very long spicy finish.
- Peach & Hibiscus Flower Liqueur: colour of mature Burgundy with orange tints. On the nose, pronounced fruity aroma with floral notes. In the mouth, ripe fresh fruit surrounds the hibiscus.
- Raspberry & Thyme Liqueur: bright ruby colour with fuchsia tints. On the nose, hints of sun-baked stony ground. In the mouth, the liveliness of the fruit surprises and refreshes.
- Morello Cherry & Chocolate Liqueur: garnet colour with purple tints. On the nose, the appeal of cocoa caressed with cherries. In the mouth, the liveliness of the fruit confirms the initial aroma.
- Sloe & Elderberry Liqueur: blood red colour with crimson tints. On the nose, clear almond notes dominate. In the mouth, smoothy and subtle. 

The 70 cl. Bottles are sold on our online boutique

Some examples of cocktails Bernard Loiseau & Boudier

Further information :

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.
Consume with moderation.

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