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Photo cuisine raffinée 2

Fillet of charolais beef
baked in hay in a clay crust
toast with bone marrow glazed with wine

Photo cuisine raffinée 1

A refined yet
powerful cuisine

The cuisine of Patrick Bertron, the current chef at Relais Bernard Loiseau, is authentic, precise and inventive. He arrived in 1982 to take up the post of commis chef and he quickly became Bernard Loiseau’s second. He uses his undoubted talents to reinvent a whole culinary heritage and has managed to hold on to the three stars won by Bernard Loiseau in 1991.

His menu is a testament to perfection, rigour and imagination, qualities that have been forged through working for more than 20 years with Bernard Loiseau. ‘My cuisine is of the terroir, and has a strong French identity. I like to bring out the main ingredient in the dish, perhaps with a spice, but always very naturally and without any excess. A gourmand, straightforward cuisine, with special details, tiny nuances, surprises... ».

Patrick Bertron, ably assisted by his seconds, has created a veritable research laboratory where everyone brings their own culinary background and experience and has the opportunity to suggest new and possibly ground-breaking ideas.

‘When we create a new recipe, I set the pace and am the first to decide whether we run with the idea we have just come up with. However there is always proper discussion.

I think that we have to get away from the idea that there is just one chef and that all the ideas are bubbling around in his or her head. We think of cuisine as genuine team work’.

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