Patrick Bertron's refined cuisine

The cuisine of Patrick Bertron, the current chef at the Relais Bernard Loiseau is the meeting of two worlds, the land and the sea. Marine and untamed nature of the Breton coast, land-based and secret power of the Morvan forests. The whole existence of Patrick Bertron lies between these two horizons. His cuisine recounts his mixed love for native sea and adoption terroir. 


‘My cuisine is a cuisine of the terroir, and has a strong French identity. I use the local Burgundy products and associate them willingly with the marine products from my childhood spent on the Breton coast. In each plate , I  highlight the main ingredient in the dish, perhaps with a spice, but always very naturally and without any excess. A gourmet, straightforward cuisine, with special details, tiny nuances, surprises... ». A cuisine that i am happy to share with you !
Patrick Bertron

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La pâtisserie

The pastry chef is an artist – each dessert is a unique sweet confection.
He is imaginative, creative and passionate and creates masterpieces through centering his work on very specific themes. He likes to enhance the greatness of the flavors with the different textures involved in the same dessert. He is very keen about the asethetics of each of his creations, but never at the cost of taste.

He is the one producing the Bernard Loiseau chocolate range, which is praised by the famous Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat.
Among this exquisite chocolate range, you can find pure origins (like the Carupano craftedn with Venezuela beans), as well as delightful crispy pralines (like the Carla, named after Carla Bruni, which is a lightly-toasted hazelnut praline, tonka bean with notes of vanilla and bitter almond).

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