Loiseau des Sens Restaurant

Original "health-pleasure" cuisine

A treat for the eyes initially when you discover the site designed by Bruno Borrione, who has cleverly installed reproductions of The Lady and the Unicorn, the famous allegory of the five senses, in just the right places, as a tribute to the genesis of the project.

The Loiseau des Sens restaurant positions itself on a very bold sector of cuisine based on health (gluten free dishes, no added sugar) and taste in order to ensure gourmet pleasure.

Most of the products are organic and locally sourced, selected from farmers based in the region.

The juice bar, the vegetarian menu and the organic wine list reserve many surprises for the taste buds.

Veggie, healthy, locally-sourced; the dishes served by the Chef Ito Shoro are, above all, surprisingly delicate: brook trout (organic) from Crisenon farm, guinea fowl (organic) from Bilouterie farm & spelt stew, creamy organic cucumber and avocado soup, lamb (organic) from Lemoine farm.

> Lunch menu – €32
Starter - main course - dessert (Lunchtime only)

> Vegetarian menu - €49
Starter - main course - cheese- dessert

> Gourmet menu - €59
Starter - 2 main courses - cheese - dessert

The Loiseau des Sens restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday from midday to 2 pm and 7 pm to 10 pm.
On Sunday, brunch is served from 9 am to 3 pm.

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Group menus

Offering a capacity of 50 covers, the restaurant is available for private hire for groups in the frame of a seminar.

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