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Thanks to its expertise and praised know-how, the Bernard Loiseau brand brings creative and high-end answers to your projects.

Several partnerships were thus developed:

-    a pre-cooked meal company and caterer (Agis)
-    a French water leader (Nestlé Waters)
-    a handling company in Le Bourget (Skyvalet)
-  Wine Paths : first digital platform dedicated to luxury travels around wine, spirits and gastronomy in the world's largest wine-growing regions


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We have crafted a Bernard Loiseau product range with the best and ancestral artisans of traditional French products:

- the mustard Edmond Fallot
- the gingerbreads Mulot&Petitjean
- the wines Albert Bichot
- the liqueurs Gabriel Boudier
- the juices Nectars de Bourgogne
- the culinary sprays Brumes Gourmandes
- the Terrines du Morvan
- the foie gras Edouard Artzner

- the beers Belenium

- the honey Ruchers de Bourgogne


Our taste expertise enables ut to create innovatives recipes and high-end flavor matching, for these artisans.
The product range, which we are very proud of considering its high quality, includes sweet and savory products, as well as soft drinks and alcohols.

Where to fin them?
- our boutique in the Relais Bernard LoiseauBernard Loiseauin Burgundy
- our online boutique
- several delicatessen
- some duty free airport shops. 

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Bernard Loiseau Culinary Festival

Since 2006, Mauritius has hosted, on an annual basis, a very original and highly-renowned culinary festival, organised by the Constance Hotels and Resorts and Relais Bernard Loiseau.

Dominique Loiseau, as president of the jury, notes that over the years the quality has risen and is now excellent. Indeed, the Constance Hotels and Resorts has defined a ‘culinary spirit’ with the aim of enabling its chefs to re-invent a sophisticated cuisine which fuses the culinary traditions of the islands with flavours from Asia, Africa and Europe.

The participants include, on the one hand, pre-selected chefs from the islands of the Indian Ocean, and on the other, European chefs who all hold one Michelin star.

They work together in pairs to exchange their know-how, experience and knowledge. The week is marked by a very professional and extremely convivial atmosphere and suspense grows until the results are announced on the final evening.

Preparation for the finals

On Sunday, the first day of the competition, the chefs who have been selected will meet Mauritian chef Jacqueline Dalais for a tour of the island and she will introduce them to local flavours.

On day two, there is a draw to select the pairs who then set about devising a starter and a main course with two obligatory ingredients. So they all go down to the picturesque market in Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, and see the huge variety of island produce. They then have two days, still working in pairs (a European chef with an island chef), to create their recipes.

On Thursday, the day of the finals, the European chef withdraws and leaves the island chef to produce the recipes to be tasted by a jury of internationally-recognised members of the profession (food writers, journalists...).

6 star dinner

Once Friday arrives, the six European starred chefs work together to prepare a ‘6-star meal’ to the delight of the hotel guests.

The gala evening on Saturday evening marks the grand final with a dinner prepared by Patrick Bertron, of Relais Bernard Loiseau, in collaboration with the chef of the Constance Belle Mare Plage gourmet restaurant. And the long-awaited verdict of the jury is a moment to be remembered. 

Winners of the Bernard Loiseau Culinary Festival

  • 2019Sascha Kemmerer from restaurant  Killian Stuba (Autriche) and Sasha Dinoo from Constance Prince Maurice (Mauritius)
  • 2018 :  Michael Reis from restaurant  Johanns (Germany) and Arshil Soopun from Constance Ephelia (Seychelles)
  • 2017 : William Ledeuil from Ze Kitchen Galerie (France) and Kevin Hook from Constance Belle Mare Plage (Mauritius).
  • 2016 :  Michel Husser from the Le Cerf (Luxembourg) and Kritesh Halkory from Constance Prince Maurice (île Maurice).
  • 2015 : William Frachot from L’Hostellerie du Chapeau Rouge (France) and Amit Chandel from Constance Ephelia (Seychelles).
  • 2014 : Masashi Ijichi from the restaurant La Cachette (France) & Dammika Sarath from the Constance Halaveli (Maldives). 
  • 2013 : Luc Mobihan from the restaurant Saint Placide (France), and Hem Pulami from the Constance Halaveli (Maldives).
  • 2012 : David Johansen from the Kokkereit restaurant (Denmark), and Ankur Daru from the Constance Ephelia Resort (Seychelles)
  • 2011 :  Serge Vieira from the Restaurant Serge Vieira, in Chaudes-Aigues, and Mungur Harrish from the Blue Penny Café
  • 2010 : Bruce Poole from Chez Bruce, in Wandsworth Common (London), and Patrick Travady from the Constance Belle Mare Plage
  • 2009 : Dirk Schröer from the Caroussel Restaurant  at Bülow Residenz, in Dresden (Germany), and Daniel Agathine from Constance Lemuria (Seychelles)
  • 2008 :Bjorn van der Horst, former chef of Gordon Ramsay’s La Noisette, in London, and Jocelyn Larose from the Constance Belle Mare Plage
  • 2007 :Wahabi Naouri from Le Piment Restaurant, in Hamburg (Germany), and Arlando René from Constance Belle Mare Plage
  • 2006 :Stéphane Dupuy, Best Worker of France, and Sanjeev Matabadul from Constance Belle Mare Plage


Patrick Bertron – Relais Bernard Loiseau :


Jérôme Faure : Constance Hotels and Resorts :