Loiseau des Vignes

Gourmet restaurant in Beaune

The Restaurant Loiseau des Vignes was opened by Dominique Loiseau in 2007, in the historic centre of Beaune, 250 metres from the Hospices, just beside the Hotel Le Cep.

Loiseau des Vignes was the first restaurant in Europe to offer an entire wine list by the glass, with close to 70 different wines, most of which cannot be found nowadays, thanks to the splendid wine library.

There is the opportunity to sample Burgundy specialities, as well as dishes created by chef Mourad Haddouche.

"Taste knows no bourdaries. On the contrary, it is a land of exploration without limits ! I love to travel and bring back new flavours that i associate to my French-syle cuisine with the best products of my beautiful and rich land of adoption, Burgundy. The respect of these treasures that are offered to us by nature requires a great accuracy and marriage of the flavours : the spirit Loisea in short !" Mourad  Haddouche 

The restaurant has received its first Michelin star in March 2010.


   A la carte - set menus

As in Relais Bernard Loiseau, Dominique Loiseau has managed to combine in her restaurant beautiful traditional materials, fine stone and original wood panelling, with contemporary décor. The end result is a high-quality and extremely elegant restaurant.

In summer, the restaurant often sets a number of tables on the terrace (14th century internal courtyard) for an aperitif, a coffee or a disgestive. 

Loiseau des Vignes
31, rue Maufoux