Fitness room

Alexandre Dumaine’s original cellar has been turned into a fitness room and the decor has been preserved immaculately. What more original a place than this to enjoy sport in peace and quiet in stunning surroundings.

Facilities :

  • TNT Flat-screen TV
  • Semi-recumbent bicycle
  • Elliptical bicycle
  • Electronic running machine
  • Rowing machine
  • Weight bench
  • Water fountain

Opening hours : daily from 7am to 7pm.


As soon as summer arrives, you can start to enjoy the garden, maybe taking breakfast on your private terrace, your balcony or the terrace in the garden.

The heated landscaped pool, far from prying eyes, has been designed as an amphitheatre so that it always catches the sun. It boasts two beaches and a fine pergola in antique oak where you can sit and sip refreshments. A beautifully peaceful place where you can recharge your batteries far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

English garden

TheEnglish garden was created in 1991, at the behest of Dominique Loiseau, and is a distillation of local beauty and a genuine haven of peace. Guests will find mischievous frogs and toads scattered throughout in homage to Bernard Loiseau’s famous recipe for ‘frog’s legs with garlic purée and parsley juice’.

The garden, planted with trees and flowers, is criss-crossed with paths and studded with terraces and fountains. There are nooks where you can relax or chat hidden from view. Summer and winter alike, the vegetation offers a spectacle of contrasting colours with the brilliance of the cherry laurel, the silver-grey foliage of the weeping willow and the ornamental pear, the tubular birthwort and the gentle rustle of the bamboo.

In summer, there is a splendid collection of old-fashioned roses, hydrangeas, peonies, clematis and viburnum, as well as a wide range of annuals, not to mention the strawberries and blackcurrants of Burgundy which add a touch of colour to the garden’s shades of green. It is a place dear to the hearts of garden lovers.

Right at the farthermost corner, an ancient well behind a tiny house. A fragrant herb garden scents this private haven of peace in the warmth of summer.

And lastly, children will be thrilled to discover an enclosure with ducks and dwarf geese.

   Map of the garden